Nov 2, 1999
I am pretty keen on upgrading the mighty ATK 406 for the 400E Berg.
I havent been able to find out much bad stuff, mostly great raves and little info. Are there any current owners who can share some info with me?



Scott in KC

Aug 28, 2000
I have a '96 501e. Originally I wanted a KTM 400exc or 520, but wasn't sure about all the maintanence stuff that goes with an RFS. So I got a deal on the 'berg and figured it would be good way to test the waters rather than plunk down the $7000 for the KTM.

The bike is pretty straight forward and easy to work on, get a manual though so you have some spec's & diagrams to work from. Adjust the valves and change the oil and ride the piss out of it! There do seem to be a few glitches with the different models, as with all bikes. The 2000 should be a safe bet. My only beef is with the Dellorto carb...sucks. And the lack of replacement plastic, graphics, footpegs & stuff like that. Yes the bikes are pretty trick from the factory but eventually you'll want to ad or replace some stuff.

You'll love the weight and the handling!

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