Feb 24, 2001
Hey all......
I currently ride a CR-500 as well as a new WR-250f....love the 4 strokes, so the CR is going to be sold (will miss the power... :( )
Have an opportunity to pick up a new 650 cross-country, at what I think is a great price .......2001 closeout....

Just curious of you alls "experts" views and opinions (maintenance problems/ starting/jetting/suspension/handling) of the machine(s)?
Mostly woods riding, some moto, dunes/cross country.....playing riding above all.....kind of looking at a swiss Army knife of bikes.....

Thanx ahead of time......



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Sep 15, 1999
I have a 2001 FC 550 and so far it has been a good bike. The carberation is great. It has awsome throttle response and starts pretty easy. The suspension is also very good. Other than regular oil and filter changes (oil and air) the bike seems to be pretty easy to maintain. I had the valves adjusted after break in and thats been it so far. It has plenty of power for me and is every bit as fast (from start to top) as my 380. It even turns better.

I know Husaberg had recalled it E start bikes for 2001 for a gear problem. Husaberg is standing behind their bikes. I heard first from my dealer and later from Chuck Sun himself. Husaberg wants to make sure every Berg owner is very "very happy with their bike". Bergs are race bikes and while I say it seems easy to maintain, I do wash (about a 2 hour event) my bike every time I ride it, check all my fasteners, lube the chain and replace the air filter. I keep a close tab on my bike.

So whats all this drivel about?

I guess, I would feel comfortable recommending A Husaberg to almost anyone. So long as they know they are not getting a bike that every one stocks parts for. It needs a little more attention than an XR type "play" bike. Is a liitle rough around the edges and has a funny name......... Get it I think you will like it......:cool:
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