Aug 9, 2001
I have always dreamed of riding some of the beautyful trails in sunny, sand infested california. Since I live in southern Ontario Canada, I am mostly subject to the extremly rocky rough trails located on the great "Canadian Shield" (and they are kick ass!!),but I have always longed for some great sandy trails...the kind that go for miles and criss cross all over the place....I found some!!!! Its located at the beginning of the highway 16(now called 416) near Prescott. If you live in ontario you know what I am talking about. The main vein of the trails lays on an old railway that is now used as a hiking trail...there seems to be trails breaking off in every direction, AND THEY ARE ALL SANDY!!!! I cant wait to get my bike out there and throw some sand around.

Bazzoka Boy

Jan 4, 2003
Hi I live in Mississauga and wondering where are thses trails located. More Detail please. near what major city. Send e-mail to Thanx

Peer Lovell

Nov 25, 1999
Prescott is almost four hours from Mississauga. Way too far to go for the day.
If you want sandy trails try Turkey Point. Only a little over an hour from Mississauga.
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