Mar 6, 2001
This has probably been posted at some point but it is a good refresher for those of you who don't already know.

If you own a newer model KTM (98-99 and up) chances are you have hose clamps holding your radiator hoses on which need to be replaced. The reason being is that these hose clamps are a pinch style hose clamp....from the factory....they cannot be tightened or adjusted.

Just a few weeks back I was ridin with a friend and he blew a clamp at a T junction under the gas tank after continued riding through some tight 1st gear single track. Well this past weekend we came across similar terrain and my bike overheated and was losing coolant from the same T junction.....luckily for me I noticed it was overheating and pulled over for a look. It never blew out the pinch clamp held, but I will replace all pinch clamps with the adjustable screw clamps before my next ride.
Nov 10, 2000
Same thing happened to me on my 400 exc. in the middle of no where land. All of a sudden "steam bath." :( It is a problem and should be addressed. Thank goodness we had some water bottles , then found a river or I would have been walking 20 miles plus back to camp, and it could have been a longer walk since I did not know where in the world I was. Never had ridden this area and was completely lost. Changed the clamps as soon as I got home. Must be the only bad feature the KtM's come with. CHANGE THOSE CLAMPS.

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