Info on how to make a motocross track/jumps


Feb 19, 2000
:confused: Hi!, i was wondering if there is some place on the super net to find information on how to make a motocross track, i mean, jumps, distance between them, angle of jumps, whoops, etc.
Thanks a lot.


May 30, 2001
I've been measuring the jumps at a few of the tracks we go to, and built a few in my yard. Here are some quick numbers.

Tabletops are great because you can come up short and not kill yourself like a traditional double.

The tables I like are about 4 feet tall and you jump about 30-35 feet. You need to work on the takeoff until it's smooth. Seems like on the pipe in 3rd is where you need to be because the jump face scrubs some speed from ya.

Nice fun doubles, not the 'come up short and die' kind can be about 24-28' peak to peak, but make the landing more rounded than ramp like for newer guys and you'll have more fun, take less risks and learn some things.

Keep in mind the stuff you see on FMX is NOT what you want at home, or at least it shouldn't be :confused:

berm buster

Apr 17, 2001
jump construction

Hey Stormer94, I am with you!

I have looked at a lot of the doubles and tabletops at several different tracks,
and most of them have the following layout.

Doubles are ususally about 25 to 30 feet from peak to peak, generally are
about 3 to 5 feet high, and the more fun or easy ones, have ramps with more
length, rather than steeper angles. Without fail, when I watch newer riders,
the doubles with the longer takeoff ramps, and less steep takeoff ramps, are
the ones they will actually try to jump, rather than roll it!

Its just much more fun to actually "jump" on the bike than to roll all of the jumps. believe me they want to, but that angle and sometime the height
scares them, and for good reason. Just as you said, "the miss the landing
and die" type jumps are very intimidating.

Also, the landing ramps need to be longer, with less angle, so if they do come
up short, you wont go over the bars.

Landing on the "flats" is OK, but its much smoother on you and your bike,
when you land on the down hill sloped ramp. If track builders would keep these facts in mind when they are designing the jumps, I believe that many
more riders would come to these tracks, when they know that the jumps
are safer, in general, I tend to ride those types of tracks, because they are
much more fun! If I make the jump, great, if I screw up the landing, its
not life changing, most of the time , you get a rough landing, and you
think to yourself, I think I will try something different the next time.

But at least you wont end up in the hospital, thats NO fun, and , it takes
to much time to heal, and look at all of the lost riding time!
Ride smart and safe.

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