kaw Bill

Oct 1, 1999
Is this a good price for a 97 XR 600 with aftermarket top triple clamp, pro taper bars, skid plate, disc guard, acerbis hand guards, brand new chane and sprockets, brand new tires, and a bunch of other stuff? It's in great shape too.

Kaw Bill


Jan 28, 2001
I have a few questions.
1. How many miles does it have?
2. Did he race the bike, if so how many miles are racing miles?
3.Has he ever had any major break-downs, if so who fixed it and what was wrong.
Those are some questions that you could ask the owner.Any questions like that are good to get ansewerd.

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Jun 12, 2000
When it comes to older XR value, condition and goodies are my most important measurement. Xrs are pretty reliable, so used ones tend to be safe buys. You can check the cost of adding goodies, which adds up fast. The tri-clamp and pro-tapers are worthy upgrades, as well as hand guards. Check the under-side of the bike for rock damage. Start it up to see if it smokes. Hard to determine mileage on XRs (no cumulative odo), so the condition is what counts. If it's in good condition and it has desireable (for you) upgrades, I think it's a good deal. However, if you plan to do a lot of trail riding/dual sporting, I've seen prices on XR4s with baja kits for not much more.

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