is this a good deal ? eric gorr bike ?


Jan 25, 2004
im looking to get another new bike and this is what i found for $2200.00

2002 YZ125 with------> brand new top end only ran to break industries backgrounds and seat cover,tag bars and grips,pro circuit pipe and silencer,dunlop tires,ims footpegs,work connection skidplate,frame guards and radiator braces,fcr revalved,max power sport cylinder bored 80 over,eric gorr motor mods,balanced bottom end,ported,polished,shaved head,braking brand brake pads,afam chain and sprockets.profesionally maintained and serviced.

my question is do you think this is worth the price? it seems EXTREMELY CHEAP for all the stuff it has. also, im a bit nervous since the guy lives in Ohio. the bike was recommended to me by a close friend. here are the pictures.


Rich Rohrich

Moderator / BioHazard
Jul 27, 1999
If it's a 2002 and Maxpower did the overbore than it's unlikely Eric Gorr had anything to do with the engine. People put Eric's name in their ads all the time to try and increase the value of bikes they are selling. Ask for a receipt to prove Eric did the work, otherwise you might be buying a pig in a poke.
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