Mar 5, 2004
I have a 1997 Suzuki RM250. These are the mods I would like to do to it.

1. Aftermarket Exhaust (Pro-Circuit)
2.V-force Delta 3 Reed Cage
3.Lectron 44mm Carb (Specific to my year bike)
4.New Re-sleeving (Steel)
5.New Wiseco Piston Rebuild Kit
6.All required Gaskets
7.Dyna Ingition
8.Wolf Cdi
9.Excellent Port Job
10.Phat Head Racing Head (Stock=21.0cc, new 16.2cc)
11.Race Fuel 114 Octane From Race Shop In Town
12.New Stator
13.New Forged Billet Clutch Basket & Heavy Duty Clutch Kit
14. Powervalve Readjustment(Opens Earlier)
15.Bigger Gas Tank (IMS 3 Gallon)
16. Factory Connection Suspension Revalving and Etc
17.Different Sprockets (Change Ratio)

Is that it?????? I'm trying to OWN a hopped up 01' KDX 200 my friend has, I plan to take care of him and his sly little comments. I also have access to a dyno and will be able to dial in/ tune my Dyna FS ignition to my specific setup.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


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Apr 9, 2002
That's a ton of dough to drop on a bike that is going on 8 years old. The one item that caught my attention was the resleeving. If your gonna drop that kind of dough on the bike do it right get a big bore kit and get the cylinder replated by US Chrome or someone similar.


May 4, 2004
:think: So you're talking $2,500.00 or so in mods to a bike that's worth maybe $2,500.00? I don't get it. If you want to "OWN" this guy, spend your money practicing. Having a really cool, fully modded, factory billybadass bike is not going to make you faster. Riding the one you have will.

Go out and kick this guy's butt at every track and trail around and the "sly little comments" will soon end. :aj:


Aug 4, 2000
That is a fairly complete list. I would make the suspension mods the number one change. That single mod allows you to go much faster and utilize the power that is already available.

HOWEVER, as people are pointing out, you'd be better to sell this bike and find an '04 or '03 on clearance. The newer bikes in stock trim are far better than your bike will be after you make all these mods. They are lighter, make more power and have gone through several engineering cycles to increase performance in all aspects.


Jan 10, 2004
Save the cash, sell the bike you got and go buy an 04 anything.
no matter what it is, it'll be faster than a hopped up 97 (with the exception of a 2004 honda 125)...only kidding.

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