Aug 17, 2001
I currently own a 2000 380 exc which I bought new in March. I have only been able to ride it a few times due to an injury but am ready to go now. We ride tight woods in the summer and desert in the winter. I am currently running a 45 pilot and a 168 main. The dealer I purchased the bike from recommended a R1468J needle which I have installed. The needle made a great deal of difference. I have been reading as well as been told that a #7 slide is the way to go on the 300s is this also true on the 380s? I also have V Force reeds and a Pro Circuit silencer. I have not been able to ride it since installing these items and am looking for a good starting point.


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Dec 6, 2000
The #7 slide helps lean the first 1/4 of the throttle. Unless you have a problem with being too rich in that area stay with what you have. I believe you have a #6.5 and you should be able to dial it in with that slide and the 1468J needle. Most guys who go to a #7 slide use a 13 series needle like a 1367J or 1369J. The 14 series is leaner at the 1/8th-1/4 throttle opening so it may not need a leaner slide like the #7. Of course there are oddball bikes. I run a #7 slide with a 14 series needle but that's for 3000-5000ft at 90-100deg with low humidity in a 300exc. Most guys using the V-Force do step down the pilot and main by one. I'd try it out first before changing and only change one thing at a time.


Nov 8, 1999
If you are running a single taper needle and a 168 main, you may very well be too lean. Your slide on an '00 is a #6 stock. The #6.5 came about in '01. On my 380 I ran 45p 1369N needle (#3), 170 main> in the summer. On my 380 I wasn't on the main much. If your bike is running good with the current set-up I don't think I would worry about the #7. At my altitude here (4500'-8000') the #7 is a must.

The Delta II works well on all KTM 2-strokes, it is worth the money. Since you are riding woods I would recommend you getting an arrestor vs. just a silencer. The FMF TCII is not much louder than stock. However, if you already have the PC on, Oh well!

Dan is right on his Delta advice! You 'normally' drop both the pilot and main. However, with that lean main (168), I would leave it or go up to a 170.

Good LucK & remember jetting is trial an error. Just take on step at a time, not two, one!

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