Jun 30, 2001
I posted a message eariler and got great response. I finally decided to take my carb to a local shop and have them check the jetting for me. My bike is a 97 300exc. I found out that I was running a #6 slide, n85D neddle (top clip positon), 172 main, and a 42 (or 45?) pilot. (sounds like a foreign language to me) After looking through my jets the guy decided that the needle may be too lean for my style of riding. I am not sure what he put in it, but the last letter on the jet was an "I"(This was one that he happened to have in stock). My premix is Golden Spectro at 45:1. I live in the Piedmont of NC, probably at about 1500' to 2000'.
Does this sound correct to anyone?
Next question ... Where is a good source to purchase the jets, and what is an average cost?
  1. 1997 KTM 300exc
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