May 23, 2000
I bought my kdx200 new in 2000. I rode it the first summer in stock form. After reading the "Hop Up guide" in the tech tips section of the JustKDX website, I installed an FMF Gnarley pipe with TCII silencer. I replaced the stock reeds with a set of Boyesen reeds, and did the airbox mod. WHAT A DIFFERENCE @ WOT!!! I knew that I would need to make some jetting adjustments, however I am not having much luck. I assumed that I would need to give the bike more fuel. So I started by raising the needle. It seemed to help however as the weather warmed up the bike started "loading" up. I moved the needle back to the middle slot. The bike is still loading up when I drive slowly..Idleing around, with lots of spooge. When I accelerate it takes the bike a few seconds to clean out, then it flies. It acts like the problem is in the Pilot circuit. I'm not sure how it could be getting to much fuel after the mods I did. :confused:
I ride at around 1000 ft, 80 - 90 degrees. I have not replaced any of the jets. Any help would be appreciated...:think


Nov 21, 2000
The bike is way rich from the factory. try a 155 main,and a 45 pilot and run
a WOT chop plug check with a new plug.Might want to try a br7es plug also.
The hotter range will help some with the low to mid blubber if the jettings not
perfect. You will find all these settings at the justkdx web site. Dave has done a lot of work on jetting and tuning,however YOU are responsible to make sure your bike is not to lean. This should make a big differance in the performance of your bike....enjoy!!:)


May 17, 2000
Wrong way!!

Your bike is too rich from the factory and the mods you did will make it richer. You said you were on the JusKDX website, did you read the Jetting help?? Make sure you read it clearly states which jets to start with. I have a similar bike and currently run 155/45 a/f @1.25, clip in #2 from top (one leaner than stock). Note that I use the REV pipe which wants more fuel at the lower end. Your torque pipe wants a leaner pilot, maybe a 42 will be necessary to clean up the bottom. Changing your jets is a MUST!
Good Luck.
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