Jun 12, 2001
can anyone tell me what the stock jets are in my 2000 kdx200. How far away are they from the 155 main and 45 pilot recommended settings in the tech forum? I ride at sea level to 3000 ft, at 50 to 70 deg F. Thanks much.

All I've done to my bike so far is remove the airbox lid, which created a bog. I got rid of the bog with the airscrew, but now the bike loads up in technical trails. I'm fairly happy with top end power, so I don't see a need to change the main jet. Plus I want longevity, and I'm assuming the stock main jet is rich for that reason.

I can't stop talking about how good this bike is. It kicks butt, is more fun to ride than anything else I've ever been on, and for the price you cant beat one of these. In the tight trails it leaves other bikes in the dust. Why spend 6 grand on a KTM EXC, or a WR? They're better, but not that much better, and probably not more funner!


Nov 21, 2000
Stock they come with 160 main....48 pilot....needle clip mid postion.
When you change you will see a great differance. runs better, cleaner,more
throttle response, more power.


May 17, 2000
Dont assume that running overly rich is better for the bike. It will cause the power valves to gum up and fail, spark plugs to foul, spooge covering your silencer and rear fender, poor performance and poor gas mileage. Jet the bike SLIGHTLY rich to cover temp and altitude changes but dont use the stock jetting it's way too rich on the 200. Try a 155main, 45 pilot, clip in #2 and a/f screw @ 1.0 - 1.5 turns out. That should still be slightly rich but give you a much better running bike. :) To really jet the bike correctly you should read http://justkdx.dirtrider.net/carbtuning.html

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