jumping an xr4

Nov 28, 2003
I have an xr4 which I will currently be upgrading the suspension on(spring and shock, possibly valves too) and was wondering, how would I go about jumping this heavy ass beast? I've done a couple 2ft kickers and even if im not letting off the throttle at times the bike will dive. I've been doing this of lately- getting into second at around 35mph or so, right before the face of the jump I try preloading the forks and blip and hold the throttle. It usually works but im trying to figure out how to properly jump the bike, thanks!

High Lord Gomer

Poked with Sticks
Sep 26, 1999
The XR400s I've ridden felt very front heavy in the air. Some of it may be to a lack of power, but I think the bike is just plain front heavy and will always have bad manners in the air.

A couple things to compensate for that...
  • Stay on the gas hard all the way into the air. Even once in the air, stay on the gas some as letting off will be like hitting the rear brake on those bikes.
  • I hesitate to say this because most of us don't ride far enough forward anyway, but stay back a little on takeoff.
  • Decreasing the rear rebound *slightly* will let the rear end rebound more and "kick" the back end up a little more on takeoff. Be careful doing this as it can also have very bad results if it kicks too much.


May 8, 2001
jumping an xr400? i know just the guy. we go to the sand dunes and he routinely gets 6-10 ft off the ground and goes 80+ft on the landings. granted, he is an expert. he has made no modifications to the bike other than a paddle tire. i cant post a pic but i will find someone who can. i can say he uses lots of technique. there isnt much suspension to compensate for big hits.