Just Bought 02WR25F, Have questions,,,,


Jan 6, 2002
I got a pretty good deal on the bike, but it had bad gas in it and a fouled plug. After kicking it 120 times, I drained all the gas, put in fresh 93 Octane, replaced the plug, and it fired on the 3rd kick. It is running fine. My questions are:

What exactly do I do to "derestrict" the bike? It is totally stock, but has the baffle removed.

What is the best exhaust to improve power without excessive noise? I had an xr250 and the WB E-Series slip on worked well, and I'm looking for a good performance exhaust (not a full blown race pipe), as I want to keep noise levels as low as possible.

Finally, I think I have the starting drill figured out, but I'm interested in what works for you. Here's what I do: hold decompression lever and bring the piston just past TDC, let the lever out, KICK HARD with NO THROTTLE. It seems to work well. Thanks in advance for any and all replies. Cheers, Dave.


Jan 20, 2003
i have an 02 wr also. all i have done to it was remove the baffile and disconnect the gray wire. i forget what the website is, but im sure somebody else around here knows it, but on the website there is everything you need to know about the bike. but the 2 things you need to do are disconect that gray wire and take the throtal (I Really need to learn to spell) stop and change it to yz specks. do those things and there is a very noticable difference in power.

as to starting, you do the same as i do. ive hade some trouble starting it after a fall though. but ive worked out a pretty good system. as soon as you can after you drop the bike, turn off the fuel, pick the bike up, pull in the compression release and kick it 10 times, turn the gas back on and pull the hot start, then start as you normally would and it should start on the 2nd to 3rd cycle. but i only ride in the woods, so if your on the track, this wouldn't be to effeciant, but this works really well for me.

you bought a great bike, ive never regretted buying mine, have fun
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