Jul 20, 2001
Ok, I want a new bike to ride on trails AND compete in local hare scrambles and enduros. I was wondering if the KDX would be competative in the 0- 200cc even against 125 racers. If not what kind of mods do I need to do to make it competative? I weigh 140 so is the suspension going to be an issue w/ me? If the KDX isnt a good choice for my application what would you suggest?


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Apr 6, 2000
Yes a kdx would be competitive. The first mod. to do for power would be a pipe. At a 140 pounds you might need to get a little suspension work, if you ride real hard. If you ride a lot of trails the stock suspension should be real good for your weight. Take a look at this site and enjoy learning all about the kdx. I know I did. Darin:D
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