Jun 18, 2001
I am currently the owner of a 2000 kdx 220. I have done the
RB card mods as well as many others. I am looking for a little
bit more power for sand dunes and trails. Is the CR250
going to be to much to handle for me. I have been biking
for a while, I don't jump very much, but I would like a little
extra power. Does this sound like an okay switch? I would
love to hear anyone's opinions.


Mar 23, 2001
So many variables. Do you have your KDX maxed out, or is there more room to move? Do you have pipe, silencer, reeds, sprocket, jetting, airbox cover, high flow air filter, etc etc? I find it hard to believe that all that wouldn't produce enough juice. Then again I'm a fairly conservative rider. I kept up fine with the 250 riders couple weeks ago on my 220 though. All depends on who you ride with and what you're doing I guess. I'm just not a fan of 250's on trails. Too easy to lose it and your ass gets sore on those skinny hard seats. Fun at times though, and if you're good enough then bombs away.

Don't forget the maintenance side of things though!! 250's have a tendency to break down back in the boonies, top end replacements, plugs and parts are expensive, etc.

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