Nov 2, 1999
I am about to buy a new bike. I have always had 2 strokers. Is the KLX worth considering? My worry is that at 100kg (me) the KLX will be a bit slow. The KDX 220 is also interesting, I dont see much written about it.



Grand Data Poohbah
Apr 30, 2000
A 200 or 220 would easily pull your weight with or withough some go-fast mods.

If I were to buy a thumper. I don't think it'd be the KLR. I ride with a few, a DR350, a YZ426 and a WR426.

If I were to buy a Thumper it'd be the YZ426. That is just one mean bike. I'll wait until the get all the starting woes out of it though.

Personal preference for me is still ring-ting-ting, vs thump-thump-thump :)

Canadian Dave

Super Power AssClown
Apr 28, 1999
Both are great trail bikes. The KLX has excellent handling and respectable power delivery. There are lots of performance parts available but being it’s a 4-stroke they are pricey when compared to a 2-stroke.

The KDX is a very dependable bike with trackable power delivery. Its easily modified with plenty of aftermarkt parts readily available. Extra performance is quite cheap and easily had.

Both bikes will be able to carry a 100kg rider no problem at all, though you might consider at least a fork spring up grade to maximize handling.

Resale value on the KDX is likely higher if the NZ market is anything like here its hard to find a good used KDX before its gone.


Mike Hubert

Apr 22, 2001
I have owned both a KDX and a KLX and both bikes are great. The KLX is smoother and easier to ride and with a few minor mods it has lots of power. I switched to the KDX it hopes that the frame is stronger, I broke 2 KLX frames. I ride both MX and trails and it is easy to find great woods bikes and great trail bikes, it looks like maybe the KDX will be the best of both worlds. If I rode mostly woods I would still pick the KLX. FYI, I am 47 and weigh 175lbs and ride 90% MX and 10% woods.

WR 250

Mar 17, 2000
I have a '00 KDX and my brother has a '00 KLX. Both bikes are about equal in power. My KDX feels snappier, but his KLX pulls longer and has a wider powerband. His KLX is a little bit easier to ride in really tight conditions because of the granny low 1st gear, smooth power and lower seat height. The KLX feels like it has softer suspension than my KDX. Both bike are still completely stock. My brother has had some difficulty in getting the KLX started after dumping it over, but this summer he has had better luck. Probably just from learning about the bike's idiosycrancies.

I love my KDX but sometimes I think it would have been nice to have bought the KLX since you can dual-sport it for less money. Plus the KLX would work better as a dual-sport since you wouldn't have to mix the gas. That of course isn't really a big deal but I've been considering buying a new dual-sport bike and a converted KLX would do around town trips pretty well. But then again, the KDX was $700 less from the get go so when I think about it that way,the KDX is actually cheaper to dual-sport.

Anyhow, if you like two strokes the KDX is the way to go, for four strokes te KLX is a really nice bike. You don't hear much about them in the mags because they haven't changed since '97.
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