Kdx To Mx Rear Fender Conversion


Dec 31, 1969
By: Canadian Dave

I've noticed there's been a lot of interest in converting the KDX's stock enduro rear fender into something more MX like. If a MX rear fender conversion is on your wish list here's some help.

Fender Choices -An enduro to MX rear fender conversion is going to involve some custom fabrication. To date no manufacture supplies a purpose built fender for this conversion. Which fender to use? The pre 94 KX fender appears to be the closest fit for those wanting to stay with a Kawasaki fender. The closest fit isn't from Kawasaki at all however. KTM's 1993 to 1997 M/XC rear fender is the best match to the KDX's rear end and will require the least modification to achieve a factory look installation. The problem here is a green KTM replacement fender is n't available. All is not lost however. Stroker Racing offers a MX style rear fender for KLXs. They reportedly used a KTM rear fender as a design with modifications to fit the Kawasaki. This isn't a simple bolt on application for the KDX but does allow for a close to factory fit in green. On the down side the Stroker fender is manufactured by brand M. Its color is a little off Kawasaki green , is more brittle than the factory fender and its expensive.

Installation - To install a MX style fender is going to take some imagination and ingenuity. It will also require the lower half of a KDX fender and an afternoon to achieve the best possible fit. Regardless of which MX style fender you choose this is a " custom" project.

Mike at Acutemp provided us with these pictures of his Stroker KLX fender install. Have a close look at the pictures and you'll see he has utilized half the stock KDX fender and the majority of the KLX fender. This allowed him to maintain the factory level of inner fender protection plus gave him a platform to mount the MX fender to.



Here's another example of a rear fender conversion on a 95 to 2000 KDX. This one also utilizes a Stroker KLX rear fender this time in black.

Don describes the conversion: "I used the same Stroker rear fender but in black. The only modification I made was to notch about an inch where the seat mounts to the frame on each side. I didn't see a need to bolt the fender halves together. The graphics are N-Style.?


Again this will be an on going article. If you've done an MX rear fender conversion and have access to a digital camera or scanner please fire off some pictures to me atjustkdx@justkdx.dirtrider.netWe'll post them here for others to check out. The more examples we have the easier it will be for others to decide on which fender to use and how to best install it.

If you have any question fire them off to the JustKDX Forum.

Happy KDX'n,

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