May 23, 2000
Hello All,

After getting some input from the you all and searching the internet, I have confirmed that the bike I have is indeed a KDX250SR. Now my questions is 'Where can I get a service manual for it?'

As far as I can tell from using the KDX250SR was marketed in Japan and the UK. Any ideas?




Mar 31, 2000
I have also an KDX 200 SR and I don't have a Manual but the following information:

A UK parts dealer wrote me that the Japan and UK model are very likely different to each other. So if you have the UK model you can order the manual from them (at least I think so). If you know how to get the manual for the Japanese model: Let me know! I also like to buy one.

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May 3, 2000
There was a post awhile ago from a guy in Greece that had a KDX250SR, and when searching the internet I saw there were used ones for sale in other parts of Europe and South America.

The bike looks VERY similar to the US imported '91-94 KDX250. My bet is there are minor differences between the bikes and a shop manual for the US models will cover almost everything you need. You can find exploded diagrams for the US model on the internet at and you might be able to order a shop manual there, as well.

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Jan 3, 2001
I've got a Japan model TRD250. The big difference between it and the UK model, is that it has all OEM stickers in Japanese. Have you tried ordering from your Kawasaki dealer? Some of the other brands here will order parts for grey-market bike on a "you order, you own it, no return" basis.



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Dec 10, 2000
I hope you don't have to do what I did for a manual. I have a KDX250, and since it is based on a KX250, I had to get a KX250 manual, and an additional manual that covers the differences between the two. I think needing two manuals for one bike is ridiculous.

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