kick start jam


Feb 19, 2013
so I seen a video on youtube with a crf 250 that the kick start locks up on it. one of my sons friends has the same prob. not all the time but ever now and again it will lock up and you cant kick it. if you put it in gear and rock it then back to neural it will work. but if you run a recluse clutch? any one know what this is? seems to me like a bad gear or something . but im sure its more then 2 bikes that this has happened to. any thoughts?
Apr 18, 2006
Are you sure that it is jammed?

My wr450f has a similar problem: If the engine comes to a stop at just before top dead center the compression is so great that I can't kick it over. The electric starter can't crank it either. Both the kick starter and the electric starter won't crank it.

If I stand on the kickstarter it will slowly (very slowly) crank over as the compression leaks by the rings.

When this happens I just drop it into gear and back the bike up a bit, just enough to give me a running start on getting over TDC. When I am lining up for the start of a dead engine race I will do the same thing to make sure that I am not just before TDC.

My daughter has a CRF250R and has never experienced this situation.

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