May 23, 2000
Hi All,

I'm going to replace the rubber boot that protects my KIPS lever/shaft from the elements and I have a question concerning the nut that holds the lever on the shaft...

I know (from a BAD experience!) :think that the nut that holds the lever to the shaft of a KDX200 is a left-hand thread. How about the nut that holds the lever to the governor shaft of KDX250? Is it also left-hand thread?



Mod Ban
Dec 10, 2000
It's been awhile since I took this nut off, but if I remember right, it was a left-hand thread. If you turn it in the normal direction to remove it, the actuator shaft under the side cover will pop out of the groove in the governor shaft, and you can not get it back in place without removing the engine side cover.
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