Jan 2, 2001
Im going to get one of these bikes and im leaning toward the KLX. My dad has one and i ride it a lot and i like it, but i just want to know what you guys think out of all these bikes which is the best. Im 5'6" and about 150.Also ive been riding for 6 years.Thanks in advance.


Mar 24, 2001
I bought a TTR for my wife a few weeks ago. I find myself wanting to ride it more than my KTM 300 exc, at least when I take my son out riding. The best thing about the ttr is it is electric start. I rode a KLX 250 a few years ago and think the TTR is a much better bike. If you wanted to moto with it the KLX might be better but for woods the ttr is the way to go I think.


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May 3, 2000
The KLX is a fine trail bike. IMO it is a little under-powered and benefits from suspension work, but your other choices fall into the same category.

The KLX is very light for a 4 stroke and one of the best handling bikes you can buy once you get some good tires on it. If you really like your dad's, get one for yourself and don't look back!

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Nov 10, 2000
I say if you have riden a KLX and like it - go for it. Being a KLX300 owner, I may be a bit biased however...

In my view there is only one reason to choose the TT-R or the DRZ - THE BUTTON. Other than that the KLX is a much lighter bike and has huge hop-up potential. Also it has 50cc advantage and is the only water-cooled bike of the bunch.

There is a large KLX following and a dedicated site at-

The XR250 has been around forever and from what I understand is rock-solid when it comes to reliability. However when comparing the KLX to an XR, motorcycle.com chose to use the XR400. See the comparison here:

This is a 97 review and both bikes are largely unchanged since then.

I have to disagree with Mathew on one thing - the KLX is no MX bike. It is EXCELLENT as a trail/woods bike.

I'm sure you couldn't go wrong with any of the other bikes but the KLX was my choice and I am very happy with it.

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