Sep 11, 2000
I have the new Stroker shift kit, but I have no idea which cover to take off to change the star. Do I take off the large circular cover near the front or the triangular shaped cover under the front sprocket near the back of the bike? Please help I can't wait for better shifts!!:) :) :)


N. Texas SP
Feb 19, 2000
It is the triangular cover behind the front sprocket. Be warned, there is a gasket on that cover and you can damage it pretty easily, you might want order a new gasket from Kawasaki, unless Stroker has started sendig the gasket with the shift star, or be very careful removing the cover.


May 3, 2001
Just got mine and installed it last night. Tip: drain the oil first, since if you don't you will be doing it the messy way! I ordered a new gasket from Stroker just in case (they're still not including it). Though I salvaged mine I still installed the new one since I didn't want to go back in there if I ended up with an oil leak. This was a little more involved than I was led to believe but it was still straightforward enough with the shop manual to guide me. If you don't have a manual, you have to take off the countershaft sprocket to do this job right. Also be very careful with taking the cover off and putting it back on over the shifter shaft else you might damage that seal/bearing. And be sure to use red locktite on the socket head bolt that holds the star on as well as the nut that holds the detent mechanism w/spring on.

The shifting is a lot more defined, feels much more solid. However, I did still catch neutral once on a test ride. In fact, one outcome of the kit is it's easier to feel neutral now (as well as all the gears).

I also got the idler gear but that's going to be a lot of work and it appears I need to secure a flywheel holder before I dig into it (according to shop manual). Luckily my engine was recently rebuilt (stock unfortunately by previous owner) so I can hold off a little while on that.
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