Sep 10, 2006
I was wondering what the difference between the KX 60 and KX 65 are besides the size of the engine. I am sure the suspension is better on the 65 but is it that much better. I have a 10 year old son who is small for his age and only weighs about 65 Lbs. He currently rides a PW 80 but I want to step him up to a 60/65 with a clutch. I would hope to let him ride this bike for about a year and then be able to step him up to a 80/85 depending on if he grows fast enough. The reason I am considering a 60 is price and the fact that it will be a learning bike for the 80/85. The prices for a 80 seem to be close to the same price of the 65's.

So would you highly recommend spending the extra money for a 65 or would the 60 be good enough for him considering his small size.



Sep 6, 2007
the 60's have drum brakes, the 65's have disc

my son is the same size as yours and he rides an RM60. i think @ 60 lbs and doing trail riding, the drum brakes are not that big of a deal.
Sep 30, 2005
the kx/rm 60 is a great learning bike as they can be picked up CHEAP... once they get the hang of it and NEED the better suspension/ brakes then sell it and get the 65...

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