Leaking XR250, Lady in distress!


Mar 3, 2000
Hi all,

My 95 XR250 is leaking from the oil filter cover on the
top and bottom. I just bought a new one and a new
o-ring, the old cover was cracked. It also seems on
have a leak on the same side on the bottom of the cover.
I don't know why the oil cover should leak since I replaced it?
Two questions, I put 10W30 oil in, is that so thin that when
it gets hot it leaks?? Number 2, did the shop give me
the wrong oil filter and it is too deep and pushes out
on the oil cover? If these are not logical problems, what
could it be? I would appreciate any suggestions.
Thanks so much
Nancy (AKA Harleygal):think


Sep 20, 2000

No, 10-30W is not to thin. Compare the heights of the old and new filters.

Did you put the filter in correctly? On my 2001, one side of the filter has an opening, which should slip over a hub in the engine. The solid plate of the filter should face you.

Check that you have removed all of the old o-ring out of the o-ring groove.
You stated that the cover is cracked. Is it cracked all the way through?


Mar 3, 2000
Unfortunately I do not have the old filter so I can't compare. I had put
the new one in awhile back. Then I rode the bike and notices the leak but
then I noticed a crack in the cover. So I replaced the oil cover and O-ring
there is no residue of old o-ring either. Maybe I should go to another
bike shop and get a oil filter and compare. I definitely have it on correctly,
the spring in the back and the filter say's "this is front" so you really can't
screw it up. Thanks for your help.


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Oct 13, 1999
If I remember correctly, there were two o-rings on that cover. A large one that sealed around the filter cavity and a small one that sealed around an oil passage. Make sure there are no nicks or gouges in the o-ring sealing surfaces. The cover will crack if not tightened correctly. If the crack extends into the filter cavity then this is the source of your leak. FWIW I ran Mobil 1 15/50 in my XR250. I felt the engine ran cooler using the 15/50 rather than 10/30.


Mar 3, 2000
Woodsrider you are a genius!

Thanks so much, the small o-ring must have fallen out and
I didn't realize it. So now that should fix the problem.
Can you get o-rings at an auto shop?? All the bike shops
I called didn't have them.



Jan 7, 2001
If you have the dimensions for the O-ring, try a bearing/hydraulic supply. They usually stock every size/type O-ring know to man(or lady). If you don't have the dimensions, I'd order the correct one from the dealer since they need to be the EXACT right size.


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Sep 5, 2000
Harbor Freight has an O-ring set that has several different sizes. Some of these sizes fit my YZ426 and KLX. What I liked most was that these O-rings are usually slightly thicker that stock. The set is very cheap and has saved me a lot of headaches with my bikes and lawnmower.
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