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Mar 3, 2000
Hi folks,

I have a 95 XR250 and want to purchase a new exhaust system.
I do a lot of SAND enduros and need more power. I was using
my CR125 for that but just picked up this XR and want to make
it my enduro machine. Thanks for the help

Nancy (AKA Harleygal);)


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Oct 13, 1999
I rode a '94 XR250 for 3 years. I ran the stock pipe and muffler, the stock muffler with a Thumper Racing exhaust tip and an XR's only performance header and muffler. Performance wise I couldn't tell the difference between the stock system with the TR tip and the XR's only system. Sound wise I could. The XR's system was extremely loud.

In my experience the best improvement for sand was to stiffen up the suspension. I never tried one of those SRC fork braces, but several people rave about how they improve stability.

Rider 007

Feb 10, 2000
I have a 98 XR250 and run the stock exhaust with the insert removed. I’ve tried aftermarket exhausts and don’t see the bang for the buck. I opted for the Wiseco 4466P16 piston kit which increases the displacement to 277cc. It can be had for about $80 - $85. Eric Gorr lists boring and honing a cylinder at $40. I believe the Wiseco gasket kit for that piston is W5425 and I don’t remember the price. If you or anyone you know is capable of doing the top end work then you should end up with a much more noticeable increase in power (with less noise) than an exhaust system would provide, at a lower cost.
Remember, there is no replacement for displacement!
Just my 2 cents…


Sep 20, 2000

I also have to chip in don't waste good money on an aftermarker muffler. For more power increase displacement just as Rider 007 said.

I saw on your post in the womens forum about the suspension. I had my XR 250 suspension reworked by a local suspension shop (Aftershocks). Phil put in different springs, and changed the damping on both ends. At first I couldn't feel the difference. As I have started riding the bike better, I now can feel the difference between stock and the way the bike is set up now.

Be prepared to pay about $500 - $600 for the suspension work.:scream:


Dec 8, 2000
I put a XR only pipe on mine when I had it. That with a K&N air filter and jetting made the bike feel like it had another gear!!

Tom H

Sep 5, 2000
I can tell you what NOT to get, A Cobra pipe & Silencer. It is made of Stainless Steel and breaks all the time due to vibration. It is too loud too. I wish I had the stock pipe still so I could put it back on.


Nov 2, 2000
I have a XR'S Only on my XR250 with eleven discs on the Supertrapp portion,and it is not too loud.(db 97)change main and pilot jets (if stock)go up two each.

My son has a BigGun on his XR400,and it looks very simularto the XR's Only,and cost more.Get the pipe and suspension work. MX Tech can steer you on some springs and possible revalving.:cool:

Racers Edge

Jan 22, 2001
Has anyone tried to take the baffle out of the stock XR muffler? Unfortunately on the XRL models it is welded in, so I grinded away the welds but am still having trouble getting it out since it's frozen in with rust. I'm hoping this will increase the power and noise level! :p


Aug 22, 2000
Racers Edge - The baffle on the XRL is the least of it's problems. The internal perf core has smaller holes and allows less air thru than the XR.

The baffle will allow a tiny bit more air thru, but nothing like a different muffler -- plus rejetting the carb. Of course, for someone used to Briggs power, maybe the baffle removal will feel like an awesome increase :p

As far as different exhaust systems for the XR, the 1997 and later models have excellent stock systems and a baffle change (al-la Thumper Racing's insert) are all they need, unless the engine is modified, then a different muffler is called for.

The 1996 and earlier XR's need a different exhaust system. If you can find a complete system with new headers, it's the way to go -- unless it's a Cobra or DG. They don't work as well as the stock system on the XR. I've tried the White Brothers Racing system, The Supertrapp, and the system offered by Thumper, and all worked very well. Gave the bike about a 15% increase over stock hp (after rejetting).
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