Leaving St. Croix for Tullahoma Tn


Moving back to the states to live in Tullahoma. Will be looking for some areas and people to ride with. Former enduro/hare scrambles rider, now just an old husk looking for some fun again. Used to ride a lot in the north Knoxville area.

Tony Eeds

Godspeed Tony.
N. Texas SP
Howdy from the DFW Metromess and welcome to the site :cool:

Have you completely filled out your info in your CP? Be sure and do so. After that grab a spot on the couch.

Check out the Kentuckiana Chapter forum for opportunities to get out and meet some fellow DRNers. Say hi to Jaybird, he can steer you to some great riding spots.

Again, welcome to DRN. We hope you enjoy your stay here and come back often!