Looking for a long/wide loading ramp

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I have a tall 4 wheel drive and using the 6 foot ramp I have is crazy. I am looking for a longer folding ramp. I hqave seen some neat ATV ramps that are about 3 - 4 feet wide, but they are all about 6 feet long. Has anyone seen a wide ramp that is 8 feet long? What suggestions do you guys have to make my loading and unloading easier . . .

Thanks in advance.



I bought one from GI Joes that is plastic and telescopes out to over 8 feet. It slides back together down to about 5 or 6 feet. It is about 10 inches wide. I paid around $95 for it. It was worth every penny. I also use a large rectagular milk crate with plywood bolted on the top for a step. With my step and 8' ramp I no longer have problems loading my bike into my F250 Super Duty 4x4.

Vegas 250 F

Where do I find GI Joes? I did a web search and came up with nothing . . . am really interested in seeing this ramp.




I used to have all kinds of GI Joes. I even had some of the vehicles. Oh sorry, couldn't resist:confused: :confused:


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I built my own ramp. I took a sheet of 3/4" pluwood, and ripped it down to 24" wide and 7'6" long, and bolted a piece of steel uni-strut on each edge. I put an eye bolt in the corners at the top edge to use straps to hold it in place on the edge of the tail gate. It fits perfectly in the back of a long bed truck, is very sturdy, and the slope is gradual enough that I rode my bike right into the back of the truck (before I got a trailer, that is;) ). It is strong enough that I have used it to load my friend's 800 lb Harley. The uni strut prevents it from flexing at all.


Try the Northern Tool website ( I think that's the current name - used to be Northern Hydraulic) they have a bunch of different ramps in their catalog.

Biggest problem with an 8ft ramp is that has to go in diagonal to close the tailgate.



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i needed a long, wide ramp of some kind b/c i was tired of hopping up into the truck beside the bike & b/c i needed some way to get my new, big, heavy generator into the back of my truck by myself. i looked hi & lo & found what i wanted from jc whitney, of all places. it is a pair of aluminum ramps that fold out like clamshells to about 7.5'. they fold down to just over 1/2 that length & almost flat, so getting them into the truck is easy. i can roll the generator up & down them, & when i load the bike i walk up 1 & push the bike up the other. it's a sweet setup. it cost about $140. only drawback is that the folding mechanism can be a little awkward to maneuver, & the aluminum has some sharp edges, so i wear leather gloves. quality so far has been excellent. no risk of busting it while loading in front of my buddies, no need to jack with a step or milk crate (i put my foot thru 1 once), it's an easy roll up & down the ramp, easy storage in the truck, & the price was right. i'd buy it again.


I just purchased a Fulton brand ramp for the same purpose. It is aluminum, weighs something like 24 lbs, almost 4 feet wide, and comes in both 6' and a longer length(between 7' - 8'). I picked mine up at Farm and Fleet here in WI for $95, but I've seen them in catalogs like Dennis Kirk and Chapparal.



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I took two 4 foot long pieces of 8 inch steel channel and welded them together. The result is the ultimate loading ramp, weighs about 30 pounds and will never, ever, ever bend. I had a few comments on it at dirtweek, they asked if my pickup would haul it around :silly: