Lower ride height on a CR125, CR250, CRF450?


Aug 12, 2003
Has anyone lowered the ride height on a CR125, CR250, or CRF450? I'm thinking about getting a CRF250 to replace a YZ85 for my 14 year old. It's a big jump but she wants a 4 stroke. She would be going from a seat height of 34.0" on the YZ85 to a seat height of 37.9" on a CRF250. Getting it down an inch or two would help out a lot to start with. I would like to make the transition to the new bike a little easier, and then bring it back up after a few months.


Sep 22, 2003
Koubalinks could bring down the height at least 1.5", and substituting low density foam for high density in the seat also works very well. An auto seatcover shop could do that for about $70. In addition, a shoe repair shop could put higher soles on her boots.

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