Nov 11, 2001
If you have access to a welder you can try a old trick,remove the clutch release lever from the clutch cover and lengthen the arm the cable attaches to,not the small swivel piece but the main arm attached to the shaft, approximatly a 1/4",measure first if you can add that much for cable alignment and clearance etc etc,I just did this on my 94 and its about half what it used to be.


Sep 24, 2003
I put one on my 99 kdx.It takes a little getting used to.It works alot smoother,which does seem to make it feel easier.My 99 has all the mods for racing. I did notice without a clutch cable to stretch the bike does hook up better.After getting used to the magura being so consistant I plan on putting one on all my bikes.They have a good product it comes complete ready to bolt on and only takes about five min.to install.


Oct 14, 1999
Note that 'magura blood' is generally agreed by those that use it to be well worth it (over mineral oil).

Available at a store/bike shop near you!

Uh....you know you don't use brake fluid...right? :think:

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