Old MX Racer
Oct 19, 2006
Well once again my son did not want to listen to me,same old story,but,when it comes to the importance of your suspension then I have some reservations.Getting mb1 on the table seemed like half an idea,except for the 2500 miles to their shop,supposedly worked for team honda suspensions.Well the other time Ryan had an idea on the suspension he sent it to renegade in Michigan and to some tech named bob,who worked for cheaper Indiana cigarettes!Short story on that one,his mis-management in drilling and stacking washers was a disaster!For a guy riding in a flat field,maybe,not for Ryans speed.Well I am putting mb1 on that list also!Ryan once again was looking to save a buck,ended up costing around 630 dollars,2 weeks downtime and some nice shipping charges.Springs did not have to be changed,so it would just need revalving,serviced and set for supercross.Well it seemed to work better,but in hindsight,he did have some really nasty crashes,two in particular I could pinpoint to traction issues.Well once again out of my time and money I took his crap to Wilkes and told him to set it up.He does not sponsor riders but he offers a whole world better,the cheapscapes never see this!And when its all said and done,it costs the same!Well Brandon told me that mb1 merely put 60 shims in,new bladder and that was about it!Sure got charged for something else,and even with his bs deal from sponsorhouse it came to about 630,with the half off!!!!!Just more sharks feeding on the sheep.Well later today we will be back where he broke his leg,but with a more responsible person in charge of suspension!How many of these bozos out there do you think would talk me out of dlc coatings and titanium springs,oh wait I know 1 guy!

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