Mar 4, 2000
I've got a '00 426, that I've had since May. After all this time, I still find metal shavings in the filter. I've had absolutely no problems with the clutch as others have reported,and I change the oil after every 2 rides. (well,I try to anyway)I haven't taken the clutch apart, but have not felt the need to. Any idea why there is still so much shaving material in there?

Apr 26, 2000
Hi Honda, I also have a 00 426 and have experienced the same thing. The first few oil changes I got quite a bit of metal in the oil filter and the magnetic drain plug I use. At this point I barley get any metal in the filter and on the drain plug.

Tony Williams

Mar 23, 2000
I've never NOT gotten metal shavings in my oil screen (I refuse to call it a filter).

Those clutch parts and piston are big wear items. Check and make sure that metal is AL. You should also see clutch plate particles (dark color).

I bought my first new oil screen ever this past week (the old one was physically deformed), and I can't believe I'm still on the original clutch and piston.

Still runs great. My bike is a 1998 YZ400F.


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