Apr 26, 2007
I am looking into buying my cousin's spare dirtbike. I'm not sure what year it is (mid 90's) but for the price, it seems like a good deal. I ride my dad's 01' CR250R on occasion and I want one of my own now. I am 5'9 and weigh about 220. With basic mods, would I be satisfied with this bike. I know it's not going to touch my dad's bike but I just want something to blast around on.


Apr 18, 2006
I am in the reverse situation: I ride a YZ-125 and my 20 year old son rides a YZ-250.

My son is a much better athlete than I ever was, so add in the age factor and a bike of half the engine size it is no wonder that I struggle to keep up.

When we get into the rough stuff I can keep up okay. We occasionally get into a sand wash or come to a double whoop that he can simply gas it and clear the double. I gas it and have to ride through both of them. When we get to the real technical stuff, narrow goat trails and weaving through boulders I have no problems at all. When it comes to the hill climbs we are 50/50. There are some hills that I simply run out of power, fall off the power band and cease forward motion. But there are other hills that I manage to make my way up that my son fails to cliimb.

Where I get left behind is when we hit a smooth trail or fire road where you can really open the bikes up. I shift up through the gears, end up WOT at the top of the power band in 6th gear and just watch his dust fade into the distance.

At some point you may long for a 250. For now, I bet you will really enjoy the 125. Unless your dad is really good and a speed demon you may find that you have no problem at all keeping up.



Apr 26, 2007
Yeah I kinda figured I would like it, even it it is a bit smaller than what I want. Just can't afford a 250 right now. My dad pretty much stole his($1200). My dad is quite the speed demon and we do ride mostly in open fields but with a few other people too.


Jul 1, 2006
At 220 the 125 will labor on a moto or supercross track. But if you are trail/pasture riding it will be okay. Don't expect the performance you get from pop's 250. Mid 90s YZs were nice bikes, and if well cared for should be respectable rides today.


Oct 19, 2006
You can get the late 80's through early 90's Honda 250s for cheap. 87 and up are pretty much competitive with modern bikes. They're slightly less maintenance than 125's and have a ton more power. Parts support and reliability are good.

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