Jul 20, 2000

I'm going out to Moab to do some rockcrawling with my truck, and I'm bring my bike.
Does anyone know of some good trails for the bikes???




Jul 21, 1999

Any of the trails you do with the truck are fine for the bikes.

If you want easy trails try,

Klondike Bluffs, Gemini Bridges and most of Monitor/Merrimac (all these are on the highway north of town)

For more advanced stuff don't miss the Slickrock trail, Porcupine rim and Poison Spider Mesa. Remember on Porcupine rim there is a sign theat says "Trial is inappropriate for moterized vehicles from this point" You can get through on the bikes but it is really tough, manhandle your bike stuff. The Mtn. Bikers carry they're bike across it.

Also fun are Pritchett Cyn. and Amassa Back trails. Amassa is short but technical.

For true hard core try Moab Rim.

No matter what, DO NOT RIDE ACROSS THE MACROBIOTIC (also called cryptobiotic) SOIL!
If you don't know what it is ASK! Nothing will get this gem of an area closed faster than if we don't take care of it!

Also The area is THICK with mountain bikers so be wary especially on slickrock trail. Be considerate.

E-mail me if you want more info


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Mar 2, 2000
I would add Kane Creek. This is one of my favorites. A little of everything. Moderate with only a couple of technical spots. But you can run in the creek wash and end up on rocks.

Flat Pass (Steelbender) is a good trail to test your ability. If you can do that one, you can pretty much do anything out there. It is an 11 mile trail out of town (or into town) depending on which way to enter it. But you can get lost on this one easily if you are not careful.

A good day loop would be Poison Spider, Gold Bar Rim and Golden Spike. But you would have to take the highway South back into town for about 9 miles. Not a problem if you are plated.

The slickrock trails (Slickrock, Poison Spider and Golden Spike) are pretty well marked so you don't lose your way.

Amasa Back ends up on a 1000 foot cliff and has some good size steps to climb out of. There is Yellow Hill on Prichett that is a must to climb up if you want a challenge. And like Rod said, for a real challenge, take the single track at the end of Porcupine Rim. It does have some drop offs that will give you a case of the willies. You can make it down to the road and back west into town but at the end, there are 3 foot steps you will need to walk down.

A great place to ride. If you have never been there, it is a great place for trucks too.

If you want, below is a link to the pictures of Moab trails over the past 3 years.

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Jan 19, 2000
Great photos. I spent 5 years in SLC, but those were my black years without a dirtbike :( I also spent a lot of time down around Moab and Canyonland hiking, can't wait to get out there and ride.
Are there many trials riders in the area? I've done the Slickrock trail on my mountain bike, however, it would be much more fun on my trials bike :)

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