Apr 1, 2001
Just wanted to say a quick, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY , to all you mommy riders out there! I hope you're all getting pampered today!:) :) :)


Apr 3, 2001
well I got my wife a 2001 KX100 for mothers day. thanks to you women riders that have helped us find the right bike.

My wife will be here posting under (yamamoto) so expect her soon.

her first ride....lol OMG....

first she is so excited she will not wait to ride it so i say what the heck go ahead and take it around the block (not thinking of big dogs).

she come back shaking, heart beating a mile a minute. she looks at me and says I LOVE IT !!!

BTW she smoked the big dog.

my though of the KX 100....Holy moly thats almost as stout as my 125 !!!

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