Oct 10, 2000
I have a 00 kdx 220 and I love the bottom end, the torque, the climbing of hills, and the friendly power. But one thing that I really would like to do is give my kdx a little mx feel. I ride trails and mx since I have a track nearby that I can freely ride on. The kdx doesn't give any top end and I find myself reving it trying to find some power on those berms. So what my question is how can I get a 125 top end feel while keeping that old familure green monster :cool: My plans are to get a gnarly rev pipe, turbine core 2 silencer, carb bored, boyseen reeds, and a new aftermarket piston and air filter. Am I going the right way on getting this bike to run like I want it? And is there any way to lighten the bike up? I know a kx 250 weighs 213 lbs compared to the 223 of the kdx. And is the stock suspension good enough for a little mx? Or am I better off buying a 125 and gearing it for more low end power.Thanks for any suggestions,


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Dec 10, 2000
You sound like you are headed the right way with the engine. A great offroad engine can also be a good MX engine. As for the suspension, the stock springs aren't even ok for the woods, much less for moto. Toss the .35 fork springs for some .41 springs.

Canadian Dave

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Apr 28, 1999
Yup you’re heading in the right direction. If you need to purchase your parts in more managable lots I’d be looking at the rev pipe and fork springs first then take things from there. They will offer the biggest bang for you buck. The pipe combined with proper jetting and a modified airbox lid will really wake up your 220.

You might also consider installing a 12 tooth front sprocket for mx use. It will allow you to pick up speed a little faster and shorten the gap between 3rd and 4th gear making gear selection less critical. You can go back to the stock 13-tooth sprocket for off-road use. If you find you like the 12 tooth sprocket for all conditions then consider installing a 13 –50 combination when it comes time to replace your chain and sprockets. Using a 50-tooth rear sprocket will require you to install a longer 110-link chain.

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