MX setup

Oct 14, 2003
As a first time poster let me say "thanks" for all the great info.

I purchased an 03 KDX 200 last week not because I am a woods rider but because of the differance in price ($3,500.00 vs $4,800.00 for the 03 KX )Most of my riding will be on an mx track.Although I don't see myself jumping 100 ft jumps I do want a set up more for mxI purchased .46mm race tech fork springs and the compression clicker is on zero.I have not touched the rear shock.

FYI-(I installed a FMF torque pipe and silencer and on my first ride with the new pipe my 240 lb butt almost went off backwards in third gear!)

I don't mind spending a little cabbage getting the suspension right but of course the less the better.Anyone have some suspension tips for largerecreational mx riders?

Thanks in advance


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Jan 8, 2000
I hate to say it, but if you really like jumping and riding on modern MX tracks, you bought the wrong bike.

While a KDX can be ridden anywhere, it just the wrong tool for the job. But if you are committed to using the KDX, I'd start with some additional mods to the front forks. Get some Race-Tech emulators for a start. Further, at your weight, I'd suggest a fork brace to stiffen-up the flex in the front end. You might want to experiment with 7w fork oil and the oil height as well. This will allow you some additional range on the clickers.

The KDX rear shock is OK but for your weight you'll need a heavier spring; I'm guessing something in the 5.0kg range (stock is 4.7).