MX-TECH, I couldn't reach you through your web page. Help!

Monkey Butt

Jun 1, 2000
Sorry about asking all of these specific questions here but I couldn't get through on your web page.

I have a 2000 KTM 200exc. I am pretty happy with the action of my suspension right now. However, I have never rode a bike with modified suspension. One of my fork legs is leaking bad. I need to have the seals replaced at the least. I am considering having them completely rebuilt by MX -TECH. Would my bike be balanced if I had you rebuild the fork but not the shock? Based on your knowledge of the KTM suspension, would I see significant improvements in the suspension and if so, where? Based on my weight, would I need to respring the suspension or just revalve and whatever else you do? I weigh about 165-170lbs without riding gear. I am about 5-7.5" tall. I am an intermediate ("vet B") rider, 33 years old. I play around on motocross tracks a little but I mostly ride in the woods. I race 6- 10 harescrambles a year and ride pretty hard when I trail ride. I live in central Illinois and don't travel too far to ride (so far). I've been racing for about 3 years but riding for more like 20 years. I met you (Jeremy) at the Spodefest last year, so I know you are familiar with Casey, IL. Casey is one of my main riding areas.

Please give me an idea of what modifications you would do to my suspension to customize it for me (Front and Rear). Is it necessary to do both front and rear? How much should this cost me with shipping and tax? What would be the time frame for getting it completed? Like most of your other customers, I have a race in two weeks.

I have a friend with a wr400 looking to get his suspension fixed also. He's 235lbs and still using the stock spring rates. I will tell him about you also.

If you don't want to respond here, you can email me at

Thanks for your help,
Neal Haarman
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