Eliot Stepka

Jul 12, 2016
Hello I am new to this sight and have been riding for a few months now. My wife bought me a 1996 kdx200 and its incredible. Well I have been reading up about the spring and shim mods to help improve high speed compression and harshness. They look like they shoud help me quite a bit, but based on what I have been reading on kdxrider and fredette's website I should be using around a 0.40kg spring in the front forks. Racetech's only go down to a 0.42kg which according to fredette's reccomendations would be too harsh for my weight 155-160lbs nekkid. From what I have been searching Ebeich's 0.41kg spring is discontinued as well. Some guys have reccomended a wr400 spring but I cannot seem to locate a set anywhere. Anyone care to help me out???? Where to find a set of 0.40kg springs for my forks or have a set they would be willing to sell at a resonable price?? I'm in Plainfield IL if anyone happens to be close.


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