May 3, 2000
Yesterday i just rode my bike with my new suspension and all I have to say is it much better than what I had and I didn't touch a clicker. What impressed me the most though was how the straight the bike tracked through acceleration bumps and how it did not hop on braking bumps. It never got busy in the air and the harder you push the bike the better it performs. The bike did not bottom all day. Today I'm going to start playing with clickers to see if I can get it dialed in. I'm also very impressed with mx-tech service and how they treated me. They called me on the phone to get on the same page. I definetly would recommend his service to a friend, his service is top notch.
Thank you Jeremy.

99 KX 144

Rod Grove

Feb 21, 2001
I got my suspension done a few weeks ago, and said I would let you all know the results. Ive got two races on mine and i am very pleased. Every bike I have ridden the front end always seems to wash out. Problem fixed. I thought it was the way I was rideing, but it really seemed to help. My back end doesnt kick up like before on the jumps. and i doent bottom out on the landings, yet it doesnt beat me up on the stutter bumps. I asked Jeremy on the phone, with my being a slow B rider if I would notice the Improvements, well I answered my own question. Its great! thank you Jeremy!:)


Mi. Trail Riders
Apr 11, 2001

I haven't ordered my springs yet, but I've been e-mailing Jeremy to get the info that I need. He sent me an e-mail that I didn't respond to b/c I was in Cancun on my honeymoon. When I got home, Jeremy was on my answering machine to make sure that I had gotten the message. How's that for customer service? How often do you find someone in the service industry that is willing to go to that length just make sure that you got some information that you requested? I usually don't get that level of care even when I pay for something. Jeremy has ended up with a loyal customer that will stay with him as long as one of us is still around and will send him every available bit of business that I can for the same amount of time.:)

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