Mar 3, 2005
I have a 1990 CR250 with factory suspension, but it jumps rear end high every time. I think the HS clicker is wrong, but I don't know what the factory clicker settings are. I know that the dots are suppose to line up, but it lines up like three times. Also the nut adjustment doesn't move on the shock. I want to start racing, but I can't race it like this. Could you count the clicks and turns out if you have one of these bikes. Any help would rock.


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Jul 18, 2006
Amo, IN
Suspension settings will differ from rider to rider.

Take a look at the MX-Tech website, there are some good tutorials for setting up your suspension there.

Besides that, having the rear wheel go high off of a jump doesn't sound like a suspension problem, but a technique problem. Are you chopping the throttle on the face of the jumps?


Mar 28, 2004
I understand the financial difficulties of racing as much as anybody,but you are going to be hard pressed to compete with a 1990 era mx bike. Not only has the two stroke technology evolved since 1990, you'll now be faced with an onslaught of highly competative four strokes as well. Just something to keep in mind and good luck with your racing.


Sep 9, 2006
I think IndyYZ85 is rite.... Its more of a technique problem... When i try too jump my KX250 the rear goes in the air... But my uncle jumped on it and jumped it beautifully..(amazed me!) also my cousin can jump it well..

They tell em to hold steady throttle thought the whole jump and let off as soon as you are airborne... I since hen i have had a few good jumps, but i am still having problems jumping...

You just have to practice it... Its not your suspension.
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