Jul 9, 2001
Im new to this forum and new to KDXing. Im an Australian living in Japan and as
a result its dificult to have a chat with the local mechanic about bike
problems. I recently bought a 1991 KDX 250 for the bargain price of $200
dollars. Since then i have had a few problems, most of which have been solved
either buy the over priced Kawasaki dealer or by this great website.
Recently i noticed water in my transmission. Mr. Kawasaki dealer inspected the
water pump, changed the oil and said, "There is a small leak that cant be helped
in the water pump, the oil will probably turn white again but its nothing to
worry about". This sentiment was also backed up by the previous bike owner. As
predicted the oil soon turned white.
The problem is now that the bike is now leaking oil from several of the gaskets,
eg. the clutch cable seal, the inside and outside clutch cover gaskets and the
water pump gasket. I have also noticed that over time it has become almost
impossible to find neutral when the bike is running, obviously a clutch problem.
I dont have a manual only the parts lists and diagrams from the Kawasaki web
page, therefore i have a few questions:

Has this , water in the oil problem, had anything to do with the gaskets going
or is this just normal wear off a 10 year old bike?

How can i judge how much transmission oil is, and should be in the bike? ie.
relative to the oil level guage.

What is causing this water in the oil problem? Does this need to be replaced
along with the gaskets?

Am I able to do this myself without too much trouble? Im guessing the set of
gaskets is cheap but Japanese labout isnt! . My main concern is gaining access
to the IN clutch cover gasket without having to disassemble the whole bike.

If anyone has any advice on the relationship between my, water pump, gasket and
clutch problems it would be appreciated.￾@I have a rough idea of what has to be
done but some tips would help. I don't want to replce all to gaskets to find out
a month later that it was the %of water in the transmission that caused them to
blow in the firts place.


Paul in Japan


Mar 10, 2001
I had this problem on my bikes a few years and here is what I learned. The impeller shaft may be grooved which would cause the seals to leak or wear out faster. When i replaced the shaft, my milky oil wnet away. Also, make sure the anti freeze you are using contains NO silicates, as they are abrasive.

I hope this is of some help. If you need part numbers for your bike, email me because I have a print out of the micro-fische.

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