Mar 28, 2000
Well, I picked it up. Bike was in better shape than I expected for the age and price-still fits in into the catagory of rat bike though. It's been a long time since I've ridden a bike with drum brakes up front-I remember why I don't miss them. Now I think I'll check into grafting a RM front end on, just for the disk-maybe just a hub, make some carriers for the calipers...Hmmm.
Jan 13, 2001
my first bike was a 1986 dr100....it was the best bike i ever owned. i sold it in 99'......i wish i still had it :'( i used to beat the crap out of it, it didnt burn any oil or anything. i mean, it wieghed 160 pounds, and i was tippin at 190, and it still hauled my bug bum around. verdict, great beginner bike, your nephew will enjoy it

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