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Feb 16, 2001
Hemet, CA.
Wow just got back from my yearly trip with my buds down in FL.
We went to WV and rode the Hatfield-McCoy trails. That place is awesome.
Well we want to go to the Upper Peninsula of Mich. next trip.
I need info on when is the best time to go and links to maps and campgrounds and such.
Lets hear from some of you Mich. riders, whats the scoop?

thanks mxbundy

Mike Hubert

Apr 22, 2001
I haven't ridden very much in the U.P. but I heard there is a nice trail in Baraga. One thing about the U.P. is that all trails are open to OVR unless marked closed, it is the oposite in the lower penninsula, all trails are closed unless marked open. If you want to run old logging roads the UP has thousands of miles of them but for the most part they go nowhere. The northern lower penninsula has hundreds of miles of great trails.


Jun 5, 2000
I just got back from the U.P. i have a cabin near the baraga plains and little mtn. the trails are almost always EMPTY! i grew up there and have been away 15 years but bought a cabin last year the riding is good up until first part of november, in oct. the leaves cover the trails and it is beutifull riding, have fun

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Mar 12, 2001
If you want to see what the enduro trails near marquette are like, go to and do a search on "enduro". From there you can see some helmetcam footage showing what woods riding is like in the UP(.. also, I have never ran into any quads at this riding area). And dont forget about the thousands of miles of two-track logging roads that are open for use in the UP.
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