Hatfield McCoy in West Virginia REVIEW


Jan 17, 2001
I just returned from Hatfield McCoy in West Virginia,AWESOME place.We rode at the BEAR WALLOW trail head near Logan.It rained all night and all morning our first day,conditions where perfect.I guess the rain just runs off the mountains that fast.Here in Indiana,the ground doesnt displace the water that fast.Everything from wide 5th gear pinned stuff to gnarly single track.Beautiful scenic clearings overlooking the mountains and streams.We logged 60 miles the first day and 47 miles the second.Man was my body beat,loved every minute.It took us 6hrs to drive from Indianapolis,I will definetly be going back!!The web address for Hatfield McCoy is www.trailsheaven.com
All the info. you need can be found at that address.Feel free to mail me for any other details. BOB,E.

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Dec 29, 1999
Dang, I have to see this place! Had a trip aborted in March due to reported snow on the mountain (got some Ohio riding in, though). Now I have to wait until June at the earliest, but hope to get in Wayne National Forest, the trails around the folks' house and H-M. Maybe an MX race at Honda Hills?


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