Aug 6, 2000
I have a web site its and I'm in charge of it (well till we get the PS2 and Gamecube site up then I'm resigning and just be a site editor) and well I can't upload any movies onto the server we use and I can't find any free web servers (tripod, angelfire, ect) to upload the file onto.

Any body know of any free servers that let you upload file up to 20mb. The movie I want to upload so bad is the one I made its a music video for Gundam Wing if anyone wants to see it tell me I'll send it to you


Jun 15, 2001
Befriend any known web masters and get them to put it up with no links on a burried folder on some company web server and just use the url and manual / or link it from another site :) . If you dont want anyone to see the registered site us the IP in the link insted of the name. This is kinda like storing your junk in you buddies garage cause its so cluttered he will never find it anyway :) .
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