New bike: have some questions

May 20, 2003
I just bought a used yz450f. I have heard of some things that need to be upgraded or fixed to make it more rideable such as the front suspension, adding a flywheel weight etc... I also know that the bike has more of a "hit" than the CRF, so what do most people do to tame it down? Is there any mods you would recommend me to do to it right away? What is the purpose of adding a flywheel weight? A few people told me they put 4oz on right away. HOw will it help. Is there any must do's for maintanance that I should do right away like changing the fork oil? Are there any pipes that would smoothe out the power without making it more of a beast? One last thing--it has a one larger tooth sprocket on it, should I go back to stock? Thanks for the info.