Mar 21, 2001
Hello all euro-bike riders out there , this is my first post. Just got a leftover KTM 250 EXC,2000 model. Mixed the gas at 42:1 with Golden Spectro. Fouled the stock BR8ECM plug and replaced it with a BR8ES and went out for my first ride. Almost insantly I noticed the engine marking a hard knocking noise when I would chop the throttle and the engine was slowing down. On the mid and top it seemed to be pretty much in the ballpark for just breaking it in and getting used to it. But down low it seemed really lean,especially when backing off the throttle.
Has anyone else expierenced this with their new 250EXC? I was planning on bumping up the pilot 1 size and seeing if that helped any.Maybe richening up the air screw a liitle also. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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