Sep 28, 2007
Hello ladies,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Kristy and my Boyfriend of 3 years is Jim. We live in Upstate SC. If anyone is close and would like, I would love to meet some other female riders or couples nearby to ride with. He likes to trail ride and I like to MX, the trails are fun too don’t get me wrong, being on a bike is all the matters.

Jim got a 2008 Can-Am Renegade 800 4 wheeler and I got a 2008 Yamaha YZ450F the white one.

It has been about 6 years since I last rode. Back then I rode a YZ250. I was a little scared at first I let the 450 in the name psych me out. But once on it, it all came back to me. I love the way the 4 stroke is easier to handle throttle wise, and just as light (or heavy) it is all I can do to get it upright after a fall. I can also chug through the woods easier then I could on the 2 stroke. As long as you don’t grab too much throttle all at once it isn’t scary at all.

Ohhh and he wrecked his last weekend so now I have to take a weekend off while we wait on parts :bang: unless I can talk him into going somewhere and sharing my bike. :nod:


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Can't Wait For Tuesdays
Mar 17, 2002
Welcome! I like your Chick Stickers. Perhaps Progirl can send you one of her Death Kitties for your bike. :)


Stupid tires and trees
Mi. Trail Riders
Dec 19, 2002
Welcome! I was just drooling all over the white Yamaha's today! Those look SO sweet!!
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