New (used) '06 KDX50 - 11T Countershaft Sprocket?


Jul 28, 2007
Hey guys. Just bought my 5yo son a 2006 KDX50. (pd. $600 for it). Good condition, No leaks, no plastic damage (other than minor scratches), fires up easy. Nothing wrong that I can tell. I think I got a good deal. :yeehaw:

I've been reading about this bike, and am aware that its SLOW starting out and has trouble with hills. Not a bad thing for Jr. to learn on, BUT, am anticipating having to resolve the issue in a month, maybe sooner.

Was wondering if anyone has used an 11T or 12T countershaft, and what were your results? I really don't care about top speed at this point, just wondering if the starting out / hills issue is somewhat resolved for you?

BTW, I am aware of the "hidden" gear, and how to grind the shaft opening to get to it, was just wanting to avoid that by changing the gearing on the countershaft sprocket.

Oh yeah, what's been done: Exhaust restrictor has been removed, Uni air filter has been put on, and throttle restrictor has been removed and lost - I've ordered another so my kid doesn't kill himself once he DOES get this thing to speed.

That's it.

I'd appreciate any input.
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